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Cranberry Orange - Cranberries, oranges, spices, and brandy make this conserve the perfect holiday pairing as a topping on baked brie or nestled on a cracker with a soft creamy chèvre or cheddar. With its bright red color and zingy taste it’s also delicious with roast turkey, baked ham, or just about anything on your holiday table.
Peach/Ginger - A jam that perfectly merges the tangy and complex flavor of ginger with the unrivaled sweetness of ripe peaches. This jam makes an ideal condiment for duck and is equally delicious with cheese. For an easy glaze, warm the jam with a little balsamic vinegar, port and olive oil. Simply brush on poultry before grilling.
Apricot/Orange - Sweet rich apricots and ripe oranges, sweet and citrusy. Perfect glaze for chicken, duck and pork.
Black and Blue - Blackberries and Blueberries, amazing as a filling for your favorite muffin recipe.
Strawberry Rhubarb - Rhubarb and Strawberry pair wonderfully together for a classic jam, amazing with toast or scones.
Red Pepper Jelly - This jam is delicious with almost any cheese but a soft goat cheese is awfully good and adds a great boost to a turkey or cheddar cheese sandwich.
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Bonnie's Jam